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You've built a great looking website. You've posted professional photographs highlighting your accommodation. You've written quality content and included useful travel links on your website. You've even uploaded a video collage to really grab your potential guests' attention. Then you check the your competition's holiday accommodation websites to find that every else has done the same thing. You wonder how you can stand out from the other websites and keep people's attention for longer than 20 seconds?

Why not try a
virtual spokesperson or an avatar to really grab your guest's attention and make them remember you and your accommodation?

Virtual Spokespersons

A virtual spokesperson, sometimes called a virtual host, is slightly different to an avatar in that a real, professional model or actor is filmed presenting your custom message. The video is then integrated into your website so that the virtual spokesperson "welcomes" each potential guest as they visit your website. LiveFaceOnWeb is the leading provider of this service and even has models with Australian accents for you to choose from. The process for getting a virtual spokesperson onto your website is easy. First you select a model, then specify the length of the presentation and type of video shot and then send through the script. LiveFaceOnWeb does the rest for you. They'll even write a script for you if you don't have one. All you'll need to do is put one line of HTML code onto your website to display your very own virtual spokesperson. Web Presenter is a similar, Australian company which offers a wide range of Australian models and features characters such as Dame Edna and Charlie Chaplin that you could employ to deliver your message.

Below is an example of a virtual spokesperson in action. She got your attention the moment you arrived at this page, didn't she? Imagine what having a virtual spokesperson could do for your bookings...


An avatar is representation of someone on the internet, usually in the form of pictures or icons. Usually, avatars are used as static pictures of people in online games or forums such as Yahoo! Answers.

There are now companies such as
SitePal, that will create a custom, speaking avatar that you can use to showcase your accommodation in a truly unique way. SitePal even allows you to upload a picture of yourself and record your own voice as the basis of the avatar! How good is that? SitePal's avatars can be used on your website or in your blogs, emails, facebook pages or newsletters giving you maximum impact every time you communicate with your guests. SitePal makes the integration of avatars into all of these forms of communication really easy; no programming knowledge is required. Other companies offering custom-made avatar services which you can use on your website include MediaSemantics and 5D Website Design.

Using avatars or virtual spokespersons or hosts are a unique way to describe the features of your accommodation or direct your guests' attention to certain aspects of your website. Having your website "talk" to guests as they browse can liven up your site, set you apart from the competition and boost your bookings! Many of the companies I've listed above offer free demos, so why not give it a try to today on your own website? It could be a lot of fun.

Good luck!

Christopher Van Eenoo
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