Top 10 Tips For Listing Your Accommodation On Stayz

And For Standing Out From The Crowd is Australia's most popular short term accommodation listing site with literally tens of thousands of accommodation listings. With all that competition for guests it can sometimes be hard to have your property stand out amongst all the listings.
Tips for Listing on

The following list is my top ten tips when listing an accommodation on Stayz that give a listing maximum chances of exposure. Some of the tips are specific to Stayz because they take advantage of Admin settings or features only available on Stayz while other tips are more generic and can be applied to other listing sites.

Top 10 Stayz Listing Tips

  1. Put keywords into your text description
    Because your Stayz listing will become a page on the internet just the same as any other page on the internet, the rules of search engine optimisation (SEO) still apply. Keywords are words or phrases that people search for on the web. Keyword matches are how a search engine decides which pages to show in search results.

    Having the right amount of keywords in your description will help search engines point potential guests towards your listing. Keywords can be anything. Some examples of keywords for accommodation listings may be: "accommodation in Byron Bay", "luxury", "romantic getaway", "close to the beach", "cheap", "pet-friendly". The possibilities are endless. Write a detailed description of your accommodation using your specific keywords throughout the text. Include variations of your keywords too.

  2. Include photos that show interior, exterior and local attractions
    Stayz advises that property listings that include a variety of photos highlighting interior, exterior and local activities or attractions out perform those listings that don't. Put your best foot forward and get a professional to take your photos for you.

  3. Fill up your calendar with your existing bookings
    By taking the time to populate your calendar with existing bookings, you're showing potential guests that you are active in managing your property and that there is a demand for your property. Having dates blocked out in your calendar will also prevent you from dealing with enquiries for dates that are unavailable.

  4. Give your accommodation a memorable name
    There are over 28,000 rentals listed on Stayz. Holiday seekers will be looking through dozens of listings. Make your accommodation stand out from the crowd by giving it a memorable Property Name.

  5. Take advantage of the Boutique sections
    Boutique sections are like categories for accommodations. Each section gets its own web page, which means that if you're listed on several sections, your listing has a greater chance of being seen by potential guests. You can increase your exposure on Stayz by joining Boutique sections through the Holiday Types settings in Stayz Owner Admin. Be sure to select all Holiday Types that apply to your accommodation to appear on as many relevant Boutique sections as possible.

  6. Write targeted text for each of your Boutique listings
    Because the Boutique sections are specifically catered for niche audiences, each listing will require a targeted property description for maximum benefit. Taking the time to write targeted text for each of your Boutique sections could give you a Rank Boost of up to 270% depending on the number of Boutique sites you're listed on. Rank Boost is the way that Stayz determines the position of your listing against the other listings. The higher your Rank Boost, the better.

  7. Give guests "7 Reasons to Stay"
    Stayz gives you the opportunity to list "7 Reasons to stay for 7 days". This list shows up on your listing and is a great opportunity for you to showcase what your accommodation has to offer. The list is another great way to get keywords onto your listing. Change the list often to keep your listing fresh to increase your search engine optimisation.

  8. Boost your listing's ranking with Link Boost
    If you have a website of your own, you can apply for a Link Boost by placing a link to Stayz from your website's home page. You can gain either a 50% or 75% Boost depending on the type of link you choose.

  9. Sign up for Online Payments
    Stayz offers online payment services to allow your guests to make credit card payments for their bookings. Whether you end up using their payment system or your own, signing up is all you need to do receive a 200% Rank Boost.

  10. Encourage past guests to leave reviews
    Reviews are a great way to let potential guests know what they can expect when they stay with you. There are most likely a number of properties listed on Stayz in your region that don't have any reviews so including reviews will help you stand out from the rest and encourage an enquiry.

Implementing the tips above can help set your accommodation business up for success by leveraging the components of a Stayz listing to ensure that your listing is seen by as many people as possible. One last tip: don't copy your Stayz property description from somewhere else without making at least some modifications to the text. Copying a description can hurt search ranking for both your Stayz listing and the page or site you copied the description from.

Good luck!

Christopher Van Eenoo
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