Are You Tired Of Your Rental Property Being Vacant?

Get more bookings for your short term accommodation with proven online marketing techniques. Find more guests without spending your hard earned cash on stale advertising methods or lacklustre property managers.

Take control of your holiday home marketing while at the same time generating more income, spending less money and saving time in the process.

Dear Fellow Holiday Property Owner,

Have you just purchased your first short term rental property and don’t know how or where to start advertising? Are you keen to get your first booking and pack out your holiday let as fast as possible?

Or maybe you have an established holiday accommodation and are looking to take your number of yearly bookings to the next level. Could you use an additional ten, perhaps twenty or even
thirty additional bookings a year for your holiday accommodation? Would you like to be booked solid not just during the peak seasons but all year round? What would this mean to the income generated by your property investment? What would the extra income mean to your lifestyle?

If you could benefit from even a few extra bookings per year (and I know all of us property investors can) then I know you’ll find this letter extremely valuable. My eBook will show you exactly how easy it is to pull in tons of new guests with a slew of tried, tested and honed tools, techniques and tips.

Increase Your Investment Property Income Right Away

Every night throughout the year that your holiday home stays empty is a lost opportunity that never presents itself again. You know as well as I do that once an empty night has passed, you never get a chance to book again. Why waste the opportunity to sell those nights? Why let that money slip away from you?

You might already have your accommodation listed on several sites, have an attractive website design, using online advertising or employing another unique form of marketing but is it a cohesive and effective as it could be? With an estimated 54%¹ of all bookings originating from online enquiries, is your marketing achieving want you want it to or is it just wasting your time and money? If you are not providing the best possible experience for your potential guests while you have their precious attention,
you could be cheating yourself out of all the bookings you could be making!

If you'd like to put an end to the dismal occupancy rate you've been getting... if you'd like to know how to leverage the Internet and the vast array of tools available for your holiday home... if you'd like to super-charge your bookings, I've got good news for you.

I've put all of my experience, research and learnings from owning my own holiday accommodation into one spot. I've created an extensive eBook that'll show you step by step, everything you need to get you started on generating massive bookings for your vacation rental property.

It's called
How To Market Your Holiday Accommodation Online.

Now, there are a few other eBooks out there available to holiday accommodation owners which you could get but none are written in Australia for Australian property owners. The sites, links, reviews and information included in the first of its kind eBook are targeted towards running a vacation property in Australia. All figures in the eBook are shown in Australian dollars making it easy to see the real implications of the numbers being presented without having to constantly convert back to the US dollar or UK pound sterling.

Nothing that is presented in the eBook is academic. All the methods, tips and advice are proven techniques which can help you to take exceptionally more bookings than your competition. For the first time anywhere, I'm sharing these techniques with you, so that you too can have a recipe for success and apply it to your own marketing efforts for spectacular results.

Here's just a quick look at some of the powerful information that's inside my comprehensive eBook
How To Market Your Holiday Accommodation Online:

  • Learn how to prepare your marketing material. There is a lot of competition out there and your marketing material needs to stand out from the pack and be successful as possible. I'll share with you a structured approach to preparing all of your material, including text, photos and more which can effectively be reused to put your accommodation in the best light and give you the greatest chance of success.

  • Master listing your accommodation online without having your own website. Having your own website isn't the only way to advertise your accommodation on the Internet. There are literally hundreds of online accommodation listing websites which let you put your accommodation in front of huge audience. Not all listing sites are created equal though. I'll compare for you a couple of the popular Australian listing sites and what each has to offer including fees, accepting payment online and availability calendars. I've also included a massive list of listing sites in the reader only resources which I'm constantly updating.

  • Compare the various advertising and booking fee structures. Some of the online accommodation listing websites will be free for you list with them; however, the major sites, the ones with the most traffic, will have a commission, flat fee or some combination of the two structure. I'll explore the pros and cons of each wand what it means to you in real dollars for each booking they generate for you. I've even thrown in a workbook which you can use to compare the returns of the different structures to help you get the most out of your own tariff structure.

  • Find out what's in a domain name and how to register one for your holiday accommodation. When you're ready take your marketing efforts to the next level, the first thing you'll need is a domain name. A poorly chosen domain name can have a drastic negative effect on your marketing efforts. You'll learn how to choose an effective domain name, find out if its available to register and even where to go to register it when you're ready.

  • Learn the different ways to build your very own website. For most people, building their own website from scratch is such a daunting exercise that they never start. It is an explicit aim of my eBook to remove all anxiety around taking the leap towards your very own website. My eBook will show you the different DIY options out there and what to look for if you chose to get a professional to design and build your website for you. The eBook will also take a look at the structure of a good accommodation website and how to guide your guests through to the booking process.

  • Look at online availability calendars and how they can prompt guests to book with you. Guests want to see if your accommodation is popular and don't wait to waste time inquiring with you if your accommodation is already booked during the dates their interested in. An online availability calendar is a great way to satisfy both of those needs. There are interactive calendars out there that you incorporate into your own website which gives you that professional look and gives your guests the information they need to book with you. Find out what's available and how you can take advantage of this, often free, online tool.

  • Generate additional income by advertising on your website. Bookings from guests aren't the only way to generate income from your holiday accommodation. Advertising or referring your guests to local sites, activities, tours or restaurants through your website not only provides your guests with local, targeted information, it also could end up paying for the website itself and then some! My eBook will take the mystery out of getting started with advertising on your own website and show you where to get started.

  • Leverage online payments. Direct transfer of funds or cheques works well for some guests but not for some. Guests booking from overseas will often find it more convenient to pay you directly with a credit card. Traditionally, accepting credit card payments meant applying for a merchant account with a bank and paying over the top fees to do so. There are now a range of low-cost alternatives to the big banks when it comes to accepting payment from your guests online. Learn how to incorporate these options into your booking process, guest communications and website to offer your guests — and you! — that extra bit of convenience.

  • Harness the major search engines by letting them know about your website. Don't wait for Google to find your website and index it. Give your online marketing efforts a leg up by directly telling the search engines about your new website. My eBook will show you exactly what you need to do and where to go to register your site with the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft's Bing. It'll also cover Internet directories and the role that they can play in your online presence.

  • Bump up your search engine rankings with important optimisation techniques for your website. Having your own website is great but if no one can find it, it's not worth anything. Search engine optimisation is a critical component of your online marketing efforts. Learn the difference between "on-page" and "off-page" optimisation and how easy it is for you to do both. This information alone is worth the price of the eBook.

  • Learn how to drive guests to your website through online advertising. Have you ever wondered how you too can advertise on the Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft networks? Pay-per-click advertising can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website through a budget that you have complete control over. Getting started with pay-per-click advertising is easier than you think but it pays to have a strategy. See how you can get started with your own advertising campaign. Unlock the secrets of how to get the most out of your pay-per-click campaign by intelligently weaving it into your website and marketing material.

  • Explore different techniques for attracting guests and staying in touch (and front-of-mind) with past guests. A website of your very own gives you the freedom to explore new ways of attracting and securing guests. I've brought together here many new ideas and approaches for you to try. As I come across more of these new ideas, I add them to the reader only resources section of the website so that you can start looking at them right away.

  • And so much more!

See for yourself and
download a sample of my eBook today.

All The Information You Need To Be Successful In One Location

As an added BONUS for purchasing the eBook, you are also given on-going exclusive access to resources not available to the general public. These reader only resources are constantly being updated by me to make sure that you have the latest and greatest information when it comes to managing your holiday accommodation. The reader only resources contain all the links found in the eBook plus new links, files, descriptions and additional information.

As an extra
2nd BONUS for you, you'll get access to my customisable holiday property management templates which you can use when communicating with your guests and agents. In the reader only resources, you'll find templates for "Booking Confirmation Letter", "Deposit Received", "Final Payment Received", "Receipt to Guests", "Reminder Letter", "Welcome Letter" and even an "Invoice to Agents". Start using these immediately to make your life easier and improve the booking experience for your guests at the same time.

Take your time going through the resources and trying them on your own accommodation — this offer never expires. Visit the website as often as you like or subscribe to receive notifications when new information is added. Imagine the time savings — you can just sit back and wait for the information to come to you. No need for you to do your own research.

I recognise the value of a dollar and I know you do to. I know that advertising for guests can form a major part of the overall expense of running a short term holiday rental. That’s why my eBook presents low-cost to no-cost ways to reach your target audience.

You’ll learn where to look beyond the major listing sites to get your property online, most of the time for free, and just how having your own website can be cheapest and most effective form of advertising in your marketing arsenal.

My eBook is not just another light-weight book dealing in generalisations that leaves you more confused than when you started. The eBook is carefully written to show you how to start marketing your accommodation at step one so you can start generating bookings as quickly as possible. Each chapter in the eBook builds on the previous chapter as you grow your marketing material and become more familiar with the resources that are out there for you.

Nothing's worse than being presented with information with no rationale behind it. So I've gone into detail throughout the eBook so that you know why each step is important and how it matters to your marketing efforts. I've even included little call outs in each chapter with quick tips for you.

I’ve packed a ton of information into this 85-page eBook for you. To make it easy to for you to go through the content, I’ve created a super simple Cheat Sheet at the end of each chapter. The Cheat Sheet calls out the major items presented in the chapter and serve as a simple step-by-step plan to guide you through your marketing efforts. Tick them off as you go as a reminder as to just how much you’ve achieved. What could be easier?

Don't Let Your Competition Take Your Bookings From You

Did you know that nearly 65%² of all holiday rentals in Australia are made of single dwelling lettings such as holiday houses, units and cabins? This means that there are literally hundreds of thousands of privately owned, non-hotel, vacation homes in Australia - all competing for guests, not to mention the big hotel chains. Sure, all of those properties aren't in your locality but the competition against your rental is stiff nonetheless. Wouldn't you agree?

So why let your competition take all the bookings? Why let their holiday homes book night after night and allow the owners of those holiday homes to reach their lifestyle dreams while your property stays vacant?

Get the inside scoop on how to fill your property night after night. Master the techniques of writing solid marketing copy and tying it into a cohesive online marketing campaign. Learn how easy it is to get started with your own website and advertise online. Discover the quick tips that you can easily employ to make your accommodation stand out from the crowd. Beat your competition to the punch!

I’m a rental accommodation owner myself and I’m always looking for ways to secure more bookings and stay one step ahead of my competition. As I research and come across new ideas, insights, websites, offerings or whatever is useful, I immediately put them in the reader only resources for you to quickly take advantage of. I'll bet your competition doesn't have that!

Put An End To Wasteful Web Marketing

Does your marketing have a purpose? Are you wasting time updating dozens of online listing sites every time you get a booking or want to change the description of your accommodation? Are you using keywords effectively across your pay-per-click advertising campaign, website and text? Instead of a shotgun approach to online marketing, learn to focus your efforts and achieve more with less.

How much is an hour of your time worth to you? Two hours? Ten? If you're as busy as we all are these days, an hour of time has to be worth more than the price of my eBook. Boost Your Bookings and
How To Market Your Holiday Accommodation Online will save you countless hours searching the web and doing your own marketing research by providing you with all the information you need in one eBook coupled with tons of clickable links in our reader only resources.

Take control of your accommodation's success by targeting your efforts towards the most return.

I’ll show you how to dovetail your offline marketing efforts into your online marketing efforts to make you an advertising juggernaut when compared to your competition. I’ll also show you how easy it is to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so that you can know what works best for you and fix what doesn’t. Tracking what’s working is a great way to ensure that you’re spending your precious advertising time and money in the best possible way and achieving your desired results.

If you have little to no “web” experience, getting your property listing on the Internet or building your own website can seem a bit daunting. My eBook lays everything out in an easy to read manner making it as uncomplicated as possible for you get everything done quickly. The easy step-by-step approach of the eBook empowers you to take control of all aspects of your marketing endeavours. Thinking that it's just all to hard is a myth.

I’ve also taken care throughout the eBook to explain the rationale behind the concepts and steps so that it is clear as to why we’re doing the steps. The eBook also includes ready-to-go sample letters — simply fill them with your information and send them off. I’ve even included a Glossary of words and terms that you’re likely to come across. How easy is that?

My Guarantee to You

Drastically improve the nightly bookings on your property with the first ever eBook written solely for Australian holiday accommodation owners. Mega-boost your return on investment with my risk free satisfaction guaranteed offer.

one full year to examine and use the material in the eBook. That’s right. 365 days to put all of the valuable information, tips and techniques in the eBook to work for you on your holiday property whenever you want.

Imagine the increased number of bookings you could make in the first year alone. No more having to hire property managers to do the marketing for you only to be disappointed by the lack of bookings they generate.
If you get just one extra booking by applying the techniques found in this eBook, then the eBook has already paid for itself.

Plus, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out a cent. Simply email me and I’ll refund your entire payment, right up until the final day of this 365-day guarantee. Even if you do ask for a refund, the templates are yours to keep and you may continue to access the reader only resources on the website.

Try it for one full year at my risk. You must be 100% satisfied or I’ll give you a full refund. Period.

Time To Try Something Different

How do you maintain your edge over the other million holiday property owners and increase your bookings when it’s so easy for potential guests to shop around? How do you continue to fill vacancies, month after month and year after year — even during the current economic times?

I do know that
you won’t succeed if you aren’t willing to do something different that what you’ve always done.

What you’ve done till now has worked to get your accommodation business where it is today. It won’t carry you much further. In today’s economy, where people are traveling less and staying for less nights, you simply can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect to get more and more bookings.

What you really need to fill those vacant days and increase your bookings (and income!) is to take a new, objective look at what you’ve been doing to market your accommodation and to start exploring new and better methods and tactics.

This is exactly what my eBook delivers. Not only will it give you the tools, techniques and tips you need to succeed in a step-by-step fashion, it will show you how to implement these for a lot less than you think.
Download a sample of my eBook to see for yourself.

Get Your Risk-Free Copy Today And Boost Your Bookings Now!

Getting started couldn't be easier. The cost of my powerful accommodation business-building eBook is just $59.95. This includes not only my 85-page eBook but also exclusive access to the reader only resources and all templates and workbooks. You'll also receive newsletters packed with new techniques and updates on the latest happenings in the Australian Holiday Accommodation scene. Never miss a beat again and stay in front of your competition!

Even though the price is extremely reasonable, here's what's really important. If this eBook was just another light-weight, "leave you with more questions than answers" eBook that just leaves you broke and frustrated, it wouldn't matter what the price is. It wouldn't be worth it.

But if you can know with complete certainty that your holiday accommodation marketing efforts will help you achieve your goal, whether it's booking solid through off-seasons... doubling your yearly bookings... generating enough income to have your accommodation pay for itself... or whatever your specific goal may be... and having the knowledge and skill to do this year after year for as long as you own your property, what is that actually worth to you?

Only you know what it's worth. But I can tell you this: at $59.95, this eBook could very possibly be the best investment you make into your holiday accommodation ever.

You and I know already know that if you've read this far, you have a keen interest in making your holiday property business as profitable as it can be. All that's left is for you to take the action to make it happen.

Get on track now to making all of your accommodation marketing as profitable as possible. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer.

  • Click here to purchase and download your very own copy of my eBook using PayPal's secure payment server. We accept all major credit cards including PayPal and eChecks.

Payment Options

You don't have to wait for your eBook to be delivered! Once your payment is processed, you'll be taken to our server where you can IMMEDIATELY download your copy of the eBook in PDF format. You'll also be sent an email with the download link in case you need to access the file again. You'll also AUTOMATICALLY be given a username and password to access the reader only resources section of the website. No waiting to get started. Everything at the click of a button.

Take Control Of How Profitable Your Accommodation Can Be — Starting Today!

You already know what it means to have your accommodation sit empty night after night.

Empty nights lead to less income. Less income leads to less advertising. Less advertising leads to more empty nights. Get out of the vicious circle now before you're tempted to sell your holiday home because it's simply too costly to hold.

Effective, considered and targeted online and offline marketing has the power to deliver you the results you're looking for.

From the moment you start applying the techniques in
How To Market Your Holiday Accommodation Online, you'll eliminate the need to worry about the effectiveness of your accommodation marketing campaign. This eBook, coupled with the online collection of property owner resources will give you the skills to market your holiday accommodation here and overseas. Even if you use property managers to advertise your accommodation you'll have the skills and know-how right from the get-go to know if they're doing everything possible to ensure you get the most bookings for your accommodation.

I want you to be a successful as possible with your short term accommodation. Don't wait another minute. Get your copy right now.
How To Market Your Holiday Accommodation Online will give you the crucial skills you need to markedly increase your bookings starting today. And year after year for as long as you own your property.


Christopher Van Eenoo
Boost Your Bookings

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk to you, so take advantage of this fantastic offer today. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. By acting right now, you get the comprehensive eBook, access to the reader only resources and all templates and workbooks plus you'll have a full 12 months to prove to yourself that everything works as well as I have promised.

Plus, it's all so incredibly easy to put into action. All it takes to convert your current marketing efforts into a booking-generating winner is applying a few of the simple techniques outlined in the eBook.

Why cheat yourself out of all the profit you're entitled to? To get on a fast track to greater bookings and better return on your property investment, purchase your copy right now.

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¹Occupancy Accommodation Index Dec Qtr 2010
²Occupancy Accommodation Index Sep Qtr 2010